Tonight in the parking lot as I was walking out to my car, I was smelling that distinct "city food smell" and feeling nostalgic for a dream. I was positive I had experienced this before in a dream. I thought, "I HAVE HAD SO MANY EXPERIENCES IN MY LIFE, HOW DO I STORE THESE BILLION EXPERIENCES, HOW DO I NOT FORGET EVERYTHING, REMEMBERING MEANS I HAVE EXISTED IN THE PAST AND WHAT IF I FORGET THINGS, DOES THAT MEAN THIS IS ALL FOR NOTHING?!" in all caps in my head. 


I think the morning is my favorite time of day.

Yesterday I talked with the guy installing Comcast. He said he was going to be a guest on Judge Joe Mathis because he was driving drunk on Father's Day and crashed into this guy's truck. I told him he should've gone on Judge Joe Mathis. He said he didn't want to because he took the issue seriously, and being on Judge Joe Mathis would make it into a joke. I said that might be okay.

We both love cats but are allergic. He looked like Lil Wayne, but attractive. He liked my pictures of Handimals.

I asked him who his craziest customer was. He said a lot of people come to the door naked. I thought about my friend Kelly, in high school, who went to the door naked when Jehovah's Witnesses were outside, but I didn't tell him about it in case he was a Jehovah's Witness.

He also said a couple almost got into a physical fight while he was installing cable, and he felt very uncomfortable and said something about calling the cops to them.

Then Shrek 3 came on t.v. and we both watched it for awhile and were quiet. A CGI character spit into a mug and he said, "ew, gross." I said, "I only saw the first Shrek." He said, "I saw the second one too. They have like four or five I think. I love Shrek."

I pictured us becoming really unlikely friends, and he wears his Comcast uniform all the time even when we go out to a bar or dinner or something. I don't know his name, but it is probably Tyrone.


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