what if humans played with cat toys in the same way that cats play with cat toys, and some cubicle/office worker people snuck into the break room to play with cat toys, and they got caught by their boss, and they were all just looking at each other, and the boss was like "back to work, goons," what if that happened?

here are some of my favorite things to feel:

-being kind of hot and drowsy with the sun beating down on your face, just sitting in the lawn or a park or waiting for someone in a car or something.

-the way time doesn't exist when you're waking up with someone you love, and you just roll around quietly in bed together and sometimes open your eyes. these are the longest moments of my life.

-taking an extremely hot shower and being warm all over.

-being awake in the middle of the night and knowing that life is still going on around you, but in a slightly different way.

-talking all night long.

-being alone, but not lonely.

-the way your body feels after swimming in the ocean. or swimming in general, i guess. how you're always kind of warmly exhausted. 

-when i come home and pick up alvie and he smells like he's been sleeping in my bed all day.

-looking up at all the stars, when you can see so many.

-everything about wet grass in summer.

-the night before leaving for a trip on an airplane.

-any moment where i am conscious of having a "peak experience," where i have thoughts like, "i know i will fondly remember this later."