**alert the presses**

"selected unpublished blog posts of a mexican panda express employee," a poetry collection, is to be released by Muumuu House on November 15, 2011--a mere 30 days before the author's 26th year as "Megan Boyle: unemployed, depressed, internet-using human being"

Pre-orders can be pre-ordered by clicking this helpful link

Hope you've saved enough room for a big second helping of juicy, detached, detailed accounts of even MORE people she's had sex with!

Get ready for more lies, vague relationships, and embarrassing moments!

Dave Eggers is already calling this book the milleniums's first "fsdssslkk sldk fdspqoiuwre39la sdf," and deems Boyle the "aow ASsasawoewiru ASIDA>FP" of her generation

It has been said that Boyle's semantic flair is somewhat of a combination between early* James Joyce and late-period** David Foster Wallace

Megan Boyle is available to be interviewed, massaged with exotic oils, taken on first class helicopter or private jet trials, flown to nearly any Pacific island, awarded the Nobel prize or any of your winning lottery tickets. Any of these (and other) inquiries can be directed to themeganboyle@gmail.com

*second grade