decide what i'll wear in the november 'nylon'

this november i'll be a 'featured reader/author' in nylon's 'shelf help' section (re 'selected unpublished blog posts of a mexican panda express employee')

this tuesday (sept. 27) evan campisi is photographing me for that

i'll wear whatever outfit gets the most votes. vote on an outfit by leaving a comment with (number of outfit you like best) or (describe outfit you like best). voting ends 1:30PM tuesday, sept. 27

1. red dress/black tights (15)
2. 'i am carles' t-shirt tucked into green shorts/black tights (3)
3. men's striped sweater and green shorts (.5)
4. 'kindergarten teacher-looking' denim dress (2.5)
5. black tights with xanax v-neck (shirt designed by brandon scott gorrell, featured in the winning ensemble of tao lin's july 2010 'control what i wear in nylon magazine' contest) (2)
6. 'i am carles' t-shirt worn under blazer, tucked into yellow skirt/black tights (6)
7. black dress/black tights (5.5)
8. yellow polo dress/black tights (16.5) (2 votes via facebook)
9. 6 flannel shirts and tights (3)
10. apron i'll buy from goodwill the morning of the photo shoot (0)
11. muumuu i'll buy from goodwill the morning of the photo shoot (1)
12. suggest something and i'll add it to the list, i feel open to anything
12a. poncho + sombrero (1)
12b. bodysuit (.5)
12c. 'adult-sized taco costume' (6.5)
12d. 'tao's clothes' (1)
12e. 'frida kahlo' (.5)

wearing with each outfit: black tom's slip-ons. hair style subject to change. faces/poses will hopefully be more attractive