"do you want to try a bite of what i'm eating? it's very good."
"smell this! it smells good."
"want a chocolate?"

if i say these things to a female, she usually complies.
if i say these things to a male, he will usually refuse my offer.

sometimes i get undressed with the blinds open. not intentionally, i just kind of forget. i doubt anyone would recognize me on the street. 

last night i was at home for fifteen minutes before going to mt. royal tavern to meet a coworker and some of her friends.

it was one of her friends' 21st birthday. that friend kept calling me pretty all night, and saying she wanted to talk to me because i was pretty. i wasn't sure if i was supposed to say "thank you!" or "not as pretty as you!" or "no i'm not" so i think i used each of those things as responses at different times. 

my coworker and i were "talking buddies" for most of the night. i felt warm and satisfied feelings, and like i was "succeeding at being liked by strangers" and "making new friends and becoming better friends". 

when the bar closed, they let us take our drinks with us. they bought six packs and gin at the bar. we walked back to the friend's house, the friend kept stumbling and falling down. there were seven of us. my zipper was broken.

the friend and her boyfriend live in a very large, beautiful rowhouse, and have a black kitten named batman. the friend was very drunk and we all took care of her, kind of. i remember being in her bed with my coworker and we were hugging or cuddling or something. from the way alcohol was slowing everything down, it felt like living in an extended posed picture moment. 

my coworker and i tried to think of a handshake but we couldn't. 

we all went downstairs and played ten fingers. i've never had buttsex or done acid. i forget what else everyone was saying. i think some of the people didn't want to play towards the end, but we were all enthusiastic about it at the beginning. there was an obese girl who reminded me of musical theater people. 

the friend's boyfriend walked me to my car. there was someone sleeping in a recliner in a room lit by christmas lights. the living room or foyer i think. 


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Brian McElmurry said...

I randomly picked this blog to read, and it read like a short-story and I enjoyed it. Your blog is the most interesting thing I've read today. Sorry for commenting so much. I'm bored to death at work.