today i swung on the swings in wyman park for a long time, then went to the bma, felt strangely moved by the monet painting "waterloo bridge (the effects of sun on smoke)", ate half of an avocado and peanut butter pretzels, smoked a cigarette in bumper to bumper traffic, got a stupid message on my machine, got my new car, drove it, ate falafel with my parents, fell asleep watching a tourism video about venice from the early 60's with my mom, plucked my eyebrows, switched everything in my old to new car, hung up the pine tree air freshener, smoked weed on my porch swing, thought spiders were getting the munchies, thought i heard a tiny deer beast in the woods, had some good ideas that i now forget, got my high school lamp and made a blog on blogger.com. 

that might be the most boring thing i've ever written.

i feel like my movements are like frog movements right now. my typing is insectile or something. i don't know what i'm talking about. 

the colors in that monet painting are so gorgeous. it makes you feel like you're right there with him, looking at the bridge in the early morning fog. the caption under the painting said that he said london fog had the most colors and light shifts and he wanted to be able to paint them all.

it's hard to hold onto thoughts for a long time when i'm like this. 


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Tim said...

megan boyle want to be my pen pal?

tomhanks said...

hi tim, yes, sure, email me


Tim said...

i emailed you

Brian McElmurry said...

Your blogs are highly enjoyable. Once I was getting stoned in my parents' garage and heard what I thought was sirens and looked for firetrucks out the little windows in the garage, but then realized it was a pack of coyotes howling after a kill. It was the California suburbs on the edge of the wine country.