i have a midterm in two hours that i have not studied for. it is for history and systems of psychology.

on the study guide it says, "the wise student will take time to prepare written answers to all these study questions and then study for them. prepare carefully."

most psychologists/philosophers we have studied have undergone severe depression, attempted suicide, were thought by their peers as "freaks" or insane, locked themselves in their rooms, were socially isolated, were either celibate or extremely promiscuous, but rarely found "love."

most of them took a long time to finish school, or dropped out of school, or never went to school and taught themselves.

i feel like knowing these things makes it very hard for me to study for a test in this class.

i feel like i would get along with a lot of these early psychologists.

i started using the internet just now to find out how brentano's act psychology, stumpf's phenomenology, and the wurzburg schoool are reflected in contemporary psychology, because i was absent that day.

my backpack broke and i am ingesting a lot of caffeine. i was sitting in a cafe for awhile writing "i am so fucked" and over and over in the margins of my notes i was studying.

i feel melodramatic.