can't decide if i want to buy beer or cigarettes right now, down to last $11 until tomorrow

can't decide if my recent haircut has a negative correlation between 'ability to look like a hipster girl' and 'objective attractiveness'

can't decide if i'm actually hungry or if i just feel a need to be hungry because i've only eaten a salad and banana today

can't decide if going to work, coming home, sitting in bed, writing a little, looking at the internet, drinking a beer and listening to beat happening for the past two nights is a totally worthwhile or totally worthless existence

can't decide if my dad offering me weed in an email is really awesome or really fucked up

can't decide if i want to call back everyone who's called me or never call anyone ever again

can't decide if i want to drop out of school and become a truck driver right now or finish school and then become a truck driver

okay i just decided i will finish school



can't decide if this blog post is infinitely stupid

will not post this, i am sure of it

no, okay, i will post it


Jordan Castro said...


posts are consistently good, i feel


Giles Ruffer said...

'A Sentence Of Sorts In Kongsvinger' by of Montreal.

DJ Berndt said...

Posts are consistently good.

I enjoy reading your blog.

Tao Lin said...


brandon said...


meggie said...

my friend is going to school to be a truck driver. it sounds like a good job.

ItinerantDaughter said...

My whole life, in a nutshell.

red newsom said...

this is definitely living

brandon said...


michael said...

is this dumb? 'i love your blog'



i took an adderall to work on the job idea thing but then talked to my mom on the phone for an hour

now i feel aimless in a focused manner

Anonymous said...


I could do with cigarettes.

colin bassett said...


i 'saved' this post to read tonight before i went to sleep, i think it is maybe deleted now

brittany wallace said...

indecisiveness is one of my worst personality flaws.

it is a personality flaw?

Buttercup McGillicuddy said...


Matthew said...

rkelly and i used to talk about being truckers, in a way that was not entirely unserious - i think that if our attempts at desk job life don't pan out by 26 i'll put for effort into convincing her, in which case we will start a small unionized trucking company of liberal arts majors in need of constant motion as well as benefits. too bad that this timeframe coincides with the deal of oil

:( :( :(

Db Salde said...

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