it is impossible to make a blog post without being aware of blogging, jesus. hi i'm blogging right now

today i didn't have work and couldn't get out of bed until like, 3 p.m.

i kept sleeping and then not sleeping and having thoughts about other things i needed to be doing

then i tried to make myself do errands but the valve broke off of my bike tube when pumping air into it

so then i said 'fuck it' and walked to the harbor and sat on federal hill reading for a long time

i'm consciously avoiding social interactions, and i'm not sure if that's good or bad. it feels okay, not really different than before, maybe i'm a little more calm or something, and it looks like other people are having more fun than me all of the time

maybe i should stop doing that before people start forgetting about me in their weekend event planning

i am resisting getting a beer right now. i have to either go to the gym or do laundry tonight, i really really have to

one time when i was drunk i got ambitious and decided to do a yoga tape. i kept losing my balance and during the 'floor meditation,' i fell asleep. i feel like if a montage of this were on youtube it would have the potential to go viral and maybe 'ruin my life'

maybe i will just sleep for 10 minutes and then do laundry

i just want to sit around and drink beer

my friend called me a little earlier but i couldn't get to the phone, then i immediately called him back, no answer, texted 'yo i'm here what up,' no answer, ~2 minutes later there was a voicemail, checked voicemail for the first time in weeks, he had left me a ~1.5 minute long message of himself doing dishes, ~15 minutes later got a text saying 'this was my shitty phone accidentallycalling,' feel like this is 'the story of my life' or something, haha

i just want to sit around and drink beer


Jordan Castro said...

sweet post

i am drinking

feels highly relatable

seriously enjoyed reading this

Jordan Castro said...

'just realized' i commented miles' blog a little bit ago with almost the same thing.

still seems true, hope this doesn't 'devalue' what i said or something...


DJ Berndt said...

I want to sit around and drink beer with you .

Tao Lin said...