semi-impersonal short 'news-ish' blog post

muumuu house published my story, 'clams'. it has ~5000 words. i feel really good about this story/muumuu house publishing it/everything.

another story of mine, 'craigslist missed connection all-star,' is going to be in pear noir 3. it has maybe ~2000 words. i feel excited about pear noir 3.

i haven't left my bed all day. it's getting dark and i haven't turned on any lights yet.

i think i might quit my job and start working night shifts at a grocery store, or become a 'night watchman' somewhere.

this blog post is getting smaller and smaller.

i'm nervous about everything right now for some reason.


victoria said...

daaaaaaaamn b, good-ass story

Jordan Castro said...

i like your story

cmr said...

I especially liked 'Anne is fairly sure that he has used the word "cathartic" incorrectly. Maybe not incorrectly, but atypically. She becomes distracted and momentarily forgets her goals in this conversation.'

I laughed a lot because I think similar thoughts all the time.

shannon said...

i like your writing/would want to be your gf.

chioke said...

RE: grocery store

I wrote this short and thought it seemed relevant:


Hope you like it.


chioke said...
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Trevor said...

really, really good.

girl the wonder jean jesus said...

this story will linger throughout my day