yesterday i went hiking with my friend who likes to call our version of hiking "climbing mountains" so she feels more productive and possibly bad ass. i can't tell if she means "climbing mountains" sarcastically, but i think she does. i like her.

when we "climb mountains" we just get out of breath a lot because we are fairly heavy smokers that lead sedentary lifestyles. we had to stop a lot yesterday. i almost fell into a waterfall kind of thing. she walked back and forth across a fallen tree a few times. then we sat on large rocks for a long time and having conversations that were pleasant but aren't memorable.

her dad was there with us. he took pictures. she likes when her dad takes pictures so she can upload them to facebook and have proof of "climbing a mountain," but she will delete pictures she thinks are unflattering.

later, we went back to her house and her brother, dad, and sister were watching football. the brother was eating a giant bowl of macaroni and cheese looking stuff. he did things to her iphone while i looked at the television, trying to understand football. i started to fall asleep sitting up in a chair. then her brother stood up and screamed "ROCK(something, someone's last name)!!! YES!"

then i tried to fall asleep again. they were still doing iphone things. then i actually fell asleep. then i woke up and the dad was telling the sister to be quiet.

the sister and brother and my friend were all arguing about iphone apps or something. the dad said, "did you hear about that cruise ship they built, a quarter of a mile long." no one paid attention to the dad. then i closed my eyes and pretended to sleep but was awake for awhile.

this blog entry seems kind of stupid and purposeless, but so does this blog in general, and blogging in general, i think, or something, maybe. feels like i'm just making myself write something. oh well.


ryan manning said...

In the USA, the word "clam" can be used in several different ways: one, is as a general term covering all bivalve mollusks. The word can also be used in a more limited sense, to mean bivalves which burrow in sediment, as opposed to ones which attach themselves to the substrate (for example oysters and mussels), or ones which can swim and are migratory, like scallops. In addition the word "clam" can be used in an even more limited sense, to mean one or more species of commonly consumed marine bivalves, as in the phrase clam chowder, meaning a thick shellfish soup usually made using the hard clam. Many edible bivalves have a roughly oval shape; however, the edible razor clam has an elongated, parallel-sided shell, whose shape suggests that of an old-fashioned straight razor.

DJ Berndt said...

Haha, I like the part about the cruise ship and about climbing mountains.

henry miller said...