Frankenstein craigslist posting

I would love to have an actual conversation with someone, anyone really. I am happily attached but there is only so much you can do with your man. I'm a good conversationalist and i Usually break into laughter at jokes. I AM A HUGE STEVE PERRY FAN HIS MUSIC HAS ALWAYS TOUCHED MY HEART. I would like to barter my mr. handyman skills for your cleaning skills. The ladies I know are great people but none can dance well. I like to talk about religion, spirituality, politics, cooking, camping, music, movies, etc. I need to make $600 if you have any job ideas that'll help me raise money let me know. I have mastered knowing what pukes up easier, and how to get hard to reach stuff out.

u gotta be sexy and in shape. You whisper "deeper" and "faster", but you're still asleep. I guess your dream involves tasting my hard cock right now. you should be comfortable in gay clubs, even sleeping in the same bed (of course without sex!!). No racial preferences. A group of 4 - 6 people will be great. if you are a good person then we should get along just find.

So, if you're a Dexter addict like me and would like to hang out and have a fun time, let's get together and watch Dexter together. If you are a gal who likes to actively sail and knows her jib from her jibe, her sheet from her halyard, write to me and let’s get to know a little about each other before Spring. Hit me up, and we'll "get blunted".

I have posted before and although I have received several responses, it never seems to go anywhere. Just a lot of emailing back and forth.