legitimate questions i have:

is it okay to drop off rent directly in my landlord's mailbox, without going through the postal service?

are my cats ever "offended" when i don't want to play with them?

what is the appropriate amount of eye contact for strangers on the street?

will the imagined semi-realistic long term goals i have for my life eventually happen, or will i end up homeless, friendless, and insane?

is it ever possible to know everything there is to know about a given subject?

how does the situation in israel concretely effect my life?

why can't i pee when someone is in the stall next to me?

if what determines my personality is a composite of memories/associations/practiced and reinforced behavior, and i am in control of my mind, is it possible to consciously will myself to forget certain experiences which have caused the creation of what i consider "negative" aspects of my personality?

is it possible to genuinely not care about the opinions of others (and not have chronic schizophrenia or some kind of developmental disorder)?

if every living thing on earth has evolved from single cell organisms, how is there such a variety of living things, were there predisposed origins/intentions like "single cell organism which will become a tree" or "single cell organism which will become an antelope" or "single cell organism which will become a person," like existence pills or something?

technically, how far away from being "alive" is a box (or any inanimate object) -- if a box one day had a single cell grow on it, would that make it kind of "alive?" it is made of atoms and matter, which seem like sort of "alive" things to me, or at least things that exist instead of nothing.

what purpose does it serve to have conscious thought?

how many mistakes can i make before i'm put on "friend probation"?

why do i feel a need to have social relationships?

why am i consistently attracted to men who are either emotionally unavailable or emotionally attached to their ex-girlfriends?

why do i feel the need to justify and create a "purpose" in life?

if i take antidepressants, will i feel better, will i not have these questions?

would my overall life satisfaction improve if i started believing in god?

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Masha said...

I can't pee if anyone is in the same bathroom as me