i can see my cat's eyes only in my peripheral vision and for a moment felt something like "extremely terrified," floating cat eyes.

more people looked at my blog today than ever. people from maryland who i probably know. i feel both indifferent and highly anxious about this at once, and i'm not sure how that's possible, but it is.


there is a story up on 3:am magazine now, i feel like i don't know what to do now, there is something expected now or something, i didn't think it would be received positively, i am surprised, i have never submitted anything anywhere, maybe i am making this into a "big deal" when it shouldn't be.

here are blurbs from real life:

one coworker says, "full of typos. there is an instance where 'an' should replace 'a.' it was okay."

megan says, "motion picture event of 2009."

mom says, "it's saying 'error: this page does not exist,' did i do something wrong?"


thom young said...

i like your writing

Jessica who used to live in MD but now lives in TX said...

I thought the story was wonderful and in-sync with my brain thoughts. I hope you write more and I'm glad you're keeping a blog. Congratulations!

Giles Ruffer said...

Hi, I just read your story. It's very good. Some bits made me laugh out loud and in my head.
If you go to the 'fiction' section at 3:am I am the scary/stern looking guy underneath you. It's also the first thing I've submitted anywhere. I didn't think mine would be accepted either. We should start a club!

Mike Young said...

hey megan, i liked your story. i was a little unsure until i got to the frisbee, then very sure when i got to tiger woods. good work, dude.

tomhanks said...

thanks thom, i looked at your blog and i like your writing, too. your blog seems "professional" where mine does not.

hi jessica! i'm glad you liked the story. your name cut off and i don't officially know where you live now. but i think you live in texas.

hi giles, your name sounds "literary," i read half of your story just now but i have to go to class, i like what i have read so far, especially the part about adjusting to bath temperature.

hi mike, i like your writing a lot. i have seen your name in "places," and i looked at things you have written after you left this comment. i like your nerve.com essay a lot.

alex db said...

hi megan,

I liked your story a lot. it made me want to shoot guns

tomhanks said...

hi alex

hi hi

i'm glad you liked it

*inspired by true events*

true life: we shot guns and i cried a lot the next day