here is a story about work

i said "hello" to a man
he said "hello" to me
i was tired
he put his books on the counter
i scanned his books into the register
the register told me a price to tell him
i told him the price
he smiled i think
he gave me a twenty dollar bill
i gave him his change
i said, "6.88 is your change"
he said, "great"
i put his books in a bag

i handed him the bag
looked him in the eye
and very naturally and enthusiastically said, "hello!"

i should have said "thank you" or "goodbye"
i was embarrassed
i probably said "oh my god"
he said, "it's okay, i understand"
i was laughing uncontrollably
he walked away
i started crying
not because it was sad
because it was funny.


ryan manning said...

this feels funny to me

DJ Berndt said...

it only takes a little.

thetiniestspark said...

that was like when i worked at a hotel and people would ask me for another room key, or pen, or some equally banal object, and me robotically/accidentally chirping "ENJOY!" as i handed it to them. You enjoy that pen!!!!!