writing is not sexy

i accidentally read an erotic short story in the computer lab and now i have to go to class in fifteen minutes and i feel extremely horny and this is a problem. i thought there was a 30% chance that the story i was reading would turn out to be erotic, and it held my interest, so i kept reading it. this is good, writing makes me feel not horny. when i was reading it i was not conscious of the fact that i was in a school computer lab, i felt like i was one of the characters. actually, i was both of the characters. as soon as i finished the story, i felt suddenly very aware that i was in a school computer lab, and that i had a large neon sign over my head that said "horny," pointing at me. i feel extremely not horny talking about this. writing this was the equivalent of talking someone out of a panic attack very effectively. blogs are useful.


ryan manning said...

i would like to read that story

DJ Berndt said...

i would like to write that story

1979 said...

erotica and redwall books are the reason I keep reading.